Oh No!! 2010! What To Do?!

Posted 25 November 2009 14:38
Dear my photographers friends: professionals or amateurs, newbies or seniors, hobbyist, and aspired photographers all around ayofoto world,

2010 is coming up! What is your photographic planning for next year? Please share your thoughts and planning with the rest of us. It may become insightful to our perceptive minds. Who would have thought that your writing might become the biggest source of inspiration to one or many? In one short paragraph, share with us.

PS: For those who believe that we have only 2 years left to live before 2012, for the sake of this discussion, it would be better to leave it out. I am sure we are going to die someday. :) ..but not yet....

Let me start first:

The year of 2009 has been a biggest shift in my photographic career where I decided to take a dive into modeling photography. The last 3-4 months I have been working my ass off to build solid fashion/modeling ports, and to build networks with associates in the same industry; and it has been fun! I couldn't believe I am actually enjoying it. It has been pain in the ass but I like the dynamic interactions I dealt with so many kind of professionals. Next year, I will be taking up to another level where I will be focusing more on the concept development associated with the fashion and styles. I am also trying to build fame so I can get better and better models willing to work with me (with lesser price of course) hehehe. And Trying to improve my websites too!

There you go, who's next??!

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