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Challenge Info

Sponsorship: available (please contact info{at}ayofoto{dot}com)

Basic Rules:
  1. capture object reflection without using mirror
  2. no modeling allowed!
  3. not using post process to generate artificial reflection effect


These are winners from Mirror Effect Photo Challenge. Congratulation!
Mirror Effect
Mirror Effect
©Budhi Ipoeng Budhi Ipoeng (16401)Bronze Medal: member has at least 5 photos selected as Popular Photo of The Day
Mirror Effect
©Sutarmin Sutarmin (6413)
1st Winner eBusiness for SME category
Indonesia ICT Award 2009
BUBU Award 2009BUBU Award 2009
1st Winner Indonesia Social Media category
Bubu Award 2009
Indigo Award 2009Indigo Award 2009
The Best of Creative Fellowship category
Telkom Indigo Award 2009
Ericsson Mobile Advertisement Services 2009Ericsson Mobile Advertisement Services 2009
The Best Mobile Advertisement Service
Ericsson 2009
Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Award 2009Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Award 2009
Start Up Company Nominee
Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Award 2009

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