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AYOFOTO! is the best media for photographers who wants to show their best of photo portfolio.

Now, with thousand of members, AYOFOTO! become the perfect media, not only for photographers, but others who also interact with the photography world, such as photo-lovers, event-organizer, buyer, seller, vendor, model-agency and so many more.

With a bold motto, "Snap, Share, and make Friends ", we want to create a better, and healthy community for everyone who are in the same interest in photography.

We build AYOFOTO! with so many services with each of them have specific purpose to serve specific needs.

In our 4 years of existence, we strengthen our position as online photography media by building many new professional services. Examples of these services are: a better ways to promote an event for the event-organizer, a faster and secure ways to do online transactions, and last but not least is providing photo-stock service.

Some of our unique photo-stock service are: as (contributor) photographer able to set each of their photo based on the selling popularity. The more it sold, the highest photographer can set the selling price.

We also realize that selling photos is the most difficult part in photo-stock industry. That's why we create a system that give benefit for the photographers and non-photographers to make some money by selling photos. How does it works? Each of AYOFOTO! member are able to become a seller. For you as photographer, it's like having thousand of sales force, working around the clock to sell your photos! And for you who aren't photographer, you can still make money by selling other photos by choosing photos into your own "for-sale" gallery.

Enough talk... Lets Snap, Sell, and Make Money!


Please visit our Business 101 page at for a glimse of what we can do for you!

1st Winner eBusiness for SME category
Indonesia ICT Award 2009
BUBU Award 2009BUBU Award 2009
1st Winner Indonesia Social Media category
Bubu Award 2009
Indigo Award 2009Indigo Award 2009
The Best of Creative Fellowship category
Telkom Indigo Award 2009
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The Best Mobile Advertisement Service
Ericsson 2009
Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Award 2009Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Award 2009
Start Up Company Nominee
Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Award 2009

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