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Ultra wide advice please

Posted 6 November 2017 21:25

I am trying to decide which of two ultra wides to go for as I get both from Ffordes used.

Tokina 11-16 f2.8


Tokina 12-24 f4

I have 18-200 covered although I find the distortion on this at the wide end horrendous 

I will be shooting landscapes mainly, possibly some architecture. I rarely use or worry about the fast end as mostly I'm f8/f11 minimum and using a tripod so VR doesn't matter. I can hand hold to 1/30 anyway. Too many years practice!

I've heard the 11-16 is the "better" lens, and sharper. But the range of the 12-24 seems more practical. DXO results on the two seem close, the 11-16 has the edge. Either will be "better" optically than my 18-200 of course. 

Going on a D7100 if that makes any difference


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