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As a portal where photo-lover community gather, AYOFOTO.COM must have rules, regulations, and procedures all the members should do, with no exception.

The Dos

  • Well-mannered, polite and well-fended.
    Your writing reflects your character.
  • Please read rules and regulations carefully before asking.
    Ask members, view writings inside forum, read FAQ before you decide to ask administrator or common forum. By doing this means you do a very helpful thing to administrator so he does not answer the same questions recurrently.

The Don'ts

  • Do not set provocative, obnoxious, and nudity pictures as your icon.
    We shall supervise your icon picture. If it's proven you set your icon unsuitable with our regulations, we shall reset your default icon. If you are still insisted, we shall have your account deactivated.
  • Do not transmit your personal problems to common forum.
    Since no body likes to read your personal complains in common forum.
  • Do not report errors on AYOFOTO.COM site in common forum.
    Please report errors and bugs on AYOFOTO.COM site to admin{at}ayofoto{dot}com or filling form on Contact Us's page.
  • Do not do flooding or spamming in any format.
    Do not do flooding / spamming, is an activity where data is inputted repeatedly such as posting thread in forum, posting merchantability thread, sending Personal Message and other features at AYOFOTO.COM. Member who is identified violated will directly have his membership deactivated.
  • Do not sell PIRACY/FAKE stuff.
    Do not sell PIRACY/FAKE stuff in any form (DVD, CD, bonus, packet, etc). Member who is identified violated will directly have his membership deactivated
  • Do not take commercial advantage partially.
    AYOFOTO.COM runs online and needs porterage. If you were an entrepreneur and would like to do commercial activities regularly, then these things you must do:
    • Purchasing Premium-Account service if you want to sale photography gears or held regular events.


This facility gives room for members to make tutorial, travel note, essay photo, etc which is correlated with photography. The main term from online allowed blog is photo enclosing, means not only writings. Be aware and careful in enclosing materials which is not your possession. Ask the authorization to the owner. Write the materials come from well-rounded. Every submission will be verified before appears.


This facility gives room for socializing instantly. Every writing you sent will directly appear online, therefore please be careful and be responsible in posting a writing. Adding pictures is not allowed (including hot-linking image from external URL), except available emoicon. Do not post events, or buy and sell your stuff here. Please post events to Calendar of Event, or buy and sell stuff to Market.

Market Place

This feature is allocated to give room for purchasing members's merchantability things. Attention: this feature for individual offers only, not outlets. If you were an outlet or having a predisposition to outlet, we offer you to take Store-Account since your participation keeps AYOFOTO.COM running. It is natural to be NOT to take the COMMERCIAL ADVANTAGES from AYOFOTO.COM. Be careful in doing transaction since AYOFOTO.COM is not responsible towards every transaction.


This feature is allocated to give description of opinion from each topic or question around photography. Sent your question to admin{at}ayofoto{dot}com

Calendar of Event

The Calendar Event Facility will be so useful for members to follow photography events. If you represented an Event Organizer and would like to convoke photography event regularly, please purchase EO-Account. Find the advantages for purchasing EO-Account here.


The list of all AYOFOTO! members can be viewed here.

Hall of Fame

Top 10 achievement members in AYOFOTO.COM

Invite Friend

Facility for members to invite friends to join at AYOFOTO!. AYOFOTO! will be so much better if your friends are welcome in joining at AYOFOTO.COM. The more photographer friends, the more photo collections in AYOFOTO.COM. Invite your friends as much as you can!
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