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As a portal where photo-lover community gather, AYOFOTO.COM must have rules, regulations, and procedures all the members should do, with no exception.

The Dos

  • Upload your own photo.
    AYOFOTO! Very high-nourished the principle of Intellectual Property Right. To whom it may concern as "member" is "individual" who is responsible and represents his uploaded photos into gallery thus he is not allowed to register behalf group/ club including commercial corporation like photo studio.
    AYOFOTO! forbids seriously the members who uploaded photos which were not their possessions, including downloaded another members photos for any purpose without approval. You may ask for approval by sending email through member profile or using "Private Message" facility.
  • Upload your best photos only, not all your photo collections.
    AYOFOTO! is NOT "foto-blogger" (internet hardisk) but more to "online-photo-gallery". Like off line "photo-gallery" definition, to keep gallery quality, AYOFOTO.COM shall reduce, supervise, and adjust the uploaded photos and CAN ERASE if inapplicable with AYOFOTO! Rules and Regulations.
    Read carefully the Rules and Regulations written on photo upload page, upload frame/ border addition photos is FORBIDDEN, and the exceedingly dominant writings. The photos inside Digital Art category are also no exception.
    The mechanism of photo erasing can be automatically or manually. The erased photos can ONLY be seen by the pertinent photographer inside his personal gallery. The next step he must do is replacing photo appropriated with AYOFOTO! Rules and Regulation. 7 days will be given for photographer to replace, moreover the photo will be automatically erased from server.
  • Be careful in filling photo information.
    Beside as a photo gallery, AYOFOTO! carry out mission to improve it's members photography skills. Therefore, fill photo informations carefully, such as theme/ photo category, camera technique data/ lens/ film, etc. Your carefulness will develop photo gallery beneficially.
    You may also help AYOFOTO! by reporting and correcting photo from another members. Click link to "Report Photo" on page full-size photo then fill the correct informations. Administrator will evaluate your report. We really hope for your participation as a part of community.
  • Evaluate photo honestly, remark on improving critics in the manner of appreciating another masterworks
    It is a pleasure to receive appreciations and critics from another members. Appreciate every masterwork proportionally, give improving critics squarely.
    If you want to prise another things on a photo, start with plus mark (+) and if you want to criticize, start with minus mark (-)

The Don'ts

  • Uploading photo which is not your original works
    The picture in this case means photo and or combination from photo/ illustration which is not your original works. Must be your original masterwork, but adding another supporting components like illustrations (wings, planets, buildings, etc) the digital art category engages the most is allowed by condition of the components/ illustrations for general purpose only, or the author gave you an approval.
    Please notice this statement, if you are not quite sure for approval from those supporting components, you better not to upload the photo. Your carelessness action can be mentioned as a crime for against the Law of Intellectual Property Right no. 19 year 2002.
  • Don't repro, be creative!.
    This include taking photo from paintings, printed art such as magazine covers, stickers, sign age etc.
  • Too creative in post-processing through software.
    Be creative at your pleasure in creating your masterwork from your CAMERA, not your COMPUTER.
    • Do not add digital frame in any format.
      No border No border No border No border
    • Do not add notes, poets, greetings in any format, including your personal status like name/ studio/ water-mark/ call-sign etc. Your masterwork has been covered by the Law of Copyright.
      No text
    • Do not wrap your photo with "weird" digital filters, or "bizarre" background texture.
      No masking No masking
    • Do not visualize photo with excessive photo collage composition. Simple and still signalizes photo, not layout from photo montage.
      No photo montage
    • Do not missed rotation.
      No missed rotate
    • Do not turn photo into comic. Create photo that can speak thousand words.
      No comic
    • Do not flange POI desaturation partially/ cut-out. Isolate your POI by another technique creatively when you shoot.
      No cutout
    • Yes, we accept large size foto up to 2048pixel wide. Just upload you photo and we'll do the resizing for you.
  • Respect minor.
    Please remember that either public and children are capable to access AYOFOTO.COM. Be responsible for your uploaded photos, if you are half-hearted for social impact appeared by your photo, you better tick off "Limited Category" option when you upload.
  • Remarking on impolite and indelicate words.
    Please note that AYOFOTO.COM members have various characters and paradigms. Remarking on beyond contextual writing and interfering personal problems will also make community ambiance unease. This action is prohibited!.
To expand members's appreciations toward another members's photos, AYOFOTO! gives a lot of preferences to view photos inside gallery by creating various galleries where each gallery has different specificity in showing photos.


This gallery shows photo based on period time when the photo was uploaded to AYOFOTO! gallery. You may search today's photos, last year, or early year of AYOFOTO.COM established, or certain date.


This gallery shows photo based on photo category/ theme. You are simplified by navigation that describes the popularity of photo category at AYOFOTO!. The bigger writing of photo category describes the more popular the category.


This gallery shows photo based on the membership to a certain photography club/ community. This gallery has no aim to disunite the coalition in AYOFOTO! community, but exactly proving AYOFOTO! as one of open online media and has mission to improve photography by collaborating with the other photography club/community.


This gallery shows photo based on trademark and type of camera and lens. You are simplified by navigation that describes the popularity of camera/ lens brand and type that AYOFOTO! members commonly use. The bigger brand/ type writing describes the more popular the brand/ type.

Place Taken

This gallery shows photo based on location where the photo taken. Choosing location appropriately and writing the detail really helps AYOFOTO.COM Photo Location Gallery to map photo accurately.


This gallery shows photo based on 10 most dominant colors (tone) lay inside the photo. This galley may give plenty of your emotion since it is proven that colors may influence the human's emotions.

Photo Challenge

AYOFOTO!'s Photo Challenge is our ultimate feature. Here we encourage every member to participate by submitting their photos on each of available theme. To keep the valuation objectively, voter member's name, photo title, and photographer's name will be hidden. The photo voting will persist till the fourth week to be automatically determined for the winner.
The priority photos are:
  • Natural. Not to use affluent post-process, includes tone-changing, except sepia, B/W, and IR photo.
  • Unique. Avoid the common-do viewing.
  • Adjust. Please view the photo rules above.
  • Big. Maximize photo size, namely the longest side 950 pixels.

Daily Popular

The Gallery consists the daily most popular photo, means showing photo based on the most plenty comments every day.

Monthly Popular

The Gallery consists the monthly most popular photo, means showing photo based on the most plenty comments which is taken from daily popular photo every month.
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